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Italian food is part of the Mediterranean diet. It’s balanced and healthy, explaining its popularity. Good nutrition involves eating a balanced and healthy diet. It reduces risks for chronic diseases and enhances your general health.

The American Italian foods are mostly prepared from fresh vegetables, grains and olive oil, making them balanced and healthy. Adding these foods to your diet can benefit you in many ways. Fresh vegetables are low in fats and calories, meaning this diet can help you manage your weight.

The foods are rich in fiber to improve digestion. The fibers stabilize your blood sugar levels, control the digestive system and lowers bad cholesterol levels in your blood. The foods also improve heart health, fight diseases and give long-life. They’re rich in antioxidants to fight free radicals.

Garlic has both antifungal and antibiotic properties. And, it’s a major ingredient in preparing Italian dishes. It reduces the risk for stomach, colon, breast, and throat cancers. It’s also been proven to protect the heart.

The white meats and fish are good sources of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids essential for general wellbeing. With the love that goes into preparing Italian dishes, you’ll be happy to share your meals.

At Granny’s Closet, we empower you with the right recipes and tips to prepare mouthwatering dishes. We provide you with the informational resources you need to prepare and serve the freshest American Italian foods.


American Italian Food

Italian foods and cuisines have a rich history that dates back centuries ago. The foods were prepared as early as the era of the Ancient Romans. They’re among the most respected, oldest and popular culinary dishes and traditions worldwide

American Italian foods are popular for their varied flavors and range of fresh ingredients used to prepare them. The foods are also among the healthiest worldwide because they’re prepared using fruits and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, and seafood, among others.

Traditionally, the meals were prepared and served for stress relief and to be enjoyed for several hours in the company of friends and loved ones. The meals have their roots back in Italy.


Cooking American Italian Foods

Tomatoes are essential Italian fruits rich in lycopene and vitamin C. The antioxidant improves heart health and offers protection against prostate cancer. When cooked with olive oil, tomatoes provide lycopene in high amounts.

Olive oil is a major cooking fat in preparing Italian dishes and cuisines. It offers multiple health benefits and has been used for centuries in preparing American Italian meals. The oil is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant, that reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. It also lowers the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Other ingredients used to prepare American Italian dishes include balsamic vinegar, dark leafy greens, coffee, and red wine.

In this section, you’ll access tips and techniques to prepare American Italian dishes.

The Most Famous American Italian Foods

Spaghetti or pasta and pizza are some popular American Italian foods. With a wide range of fresh ingredients and flavors to choose from, you can prepare a variety of Italian dishes in your own home. With ingredients ranging from tomatoes to olive oil and fresh veggies, you can prepare an Italian dish of choice. Some popular American Italian foods include:


This is a Tuscan soup made using a combination of white beans and fresh veggies such as carrots, kales and tomatoes. The comfort food is served hot in a bowl and can be taken with bread or Parmesan. Pair it with light red wine with spicy tones for a memorable eating experience.

Ricotta Meatballs

These meatballs are rich and intense in savory because they’re prepared with double cheese, salty pecorino and creamy ricoritta. A mix of a deli-style cooked ham and prosciutto, an upgraded form of Italian Permacotta ham, are used to prepare the meatballs. Standard pork-beef mix won’t do.

Tortellini Served with Broccoli Pesto

A ring-shaped pasta known as tortellini from Emilia in Italy is used to prepare this vibrant pasta meal. Upgrade the classic mix of pine nuts, fresh herbs, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese with a broccoli-based pesto dish.

Under this section, you’ll learn about various American Italian dishes to prepare from the comfort of your home.


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