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Regional Dishes to Try in Italy

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Benefits of Water Dispenser for Restaurant Owners

Water is a necessity for human health. As a matter of fact, health experts advise people to take a least eight glasses f water in a day. In the hospitality industry, the customer’s health is a priority, at the same time you have to save your workers the energy of serving customers with glasses of water at every round. Why not invest in a dispenser as prove of clean and non-contaminated water supplied to your customers?

As long as you keep it clean and cool then you will enjoy all the benefits geared towards customer loyalty. A good alternative for a reverse osmosis system supported on the dispenser comes in handy to get water at the required temperatures. In addition, customer feel valued and appreciated since their needs are well-factored.

Why a dispenser in a restaurant?

Saves time and money

This is a portable device that saves you the hassle of getting a plumber to handle the water system. Moreover, they are affordable in the market depending on your objective. It requires a small storage space; your work is to put it in a strategic place within the customers reach. In cases where you have an influx of customers then you can place them in strategic points to avoid congestion. There are no maintenance costs involved, just have a stock of the bottled water for refilling.

A safe and clean supply of water

You do not want to get involved in many court battles simply because of waterborne disease outbreak from your restaurant. Save yourself the trouble by having a dispenser. With this, you are sure of safe and clean drinking water for your customers. Moreover, there is a disposable cup which means that the hygienic standards are maintained.

Energy efficient

 As long as you have enough power supply then you are sure your customers are well taken care of. Most of the dispenser are energy efficient, the only utility bill you have is the electricity bill rather than other costs which include plumbing, waiters to serve water instead they can now be utilized in other useful and fruitful activities.

Maintains customer loyalty

In most cases, customers who are sensitive to water would prefer to buy water when they have their fill in your restaurant. How many bottles do you expect them t buy to fill their thirst? What if it is a family outing? Why not save them the cost by just availing a dispenser. Although, most owners will feel that its absence is a money-making initiative; a competitor will take advantage and just such value-added service will give you an unlimited flow of customers.

The restaurant business is a delicate enterprise that needs creativity and innovation. How you handle customers and the services you offer dictates the future of your business. The availability of a dispenser for free clean water has an impact on how customer value and look at you in the form of how you appreciate them. It looks a simple kitchen appliance but with a big impact when it comes to sales revenue.

Food Blog photography at the restaurant


Along with a passion for cooking and food, and the will to taste new cuisines at different culinary venues, a food blog heavily relies on the blogger’s food photography skills. These days, every other person at a restaurant can be spotted taking a photo of their meal before they actually savor it. However, it takes a lot more than just whipping out your smartphone to be able to take food photographs that will make the reader’s mouth water.

You do not have to be a professional food photographer to be able to take attractive and tempting food photographs, you just need to know how and when to take them, using what equipment.

Plan Beforehand & Create A Unique Composition

Since you are a food blogger, you probably already plan ahead when it comes to what and where you are going to eat, rather than deciding them in the spurt of the moment. This is particularly important if you intend to take creative and thoughtful food photographs.

If you take the time to plan ahead, then you should also spend some to create a decent composition with the meal in front of you, rather than just taking photos the moment the food is served. You should try rearranging the food, the plates, the cutlery to create an ingenious and unique composition for every food photograph that you take.

Take Photos During Late Lunch

Much like the subjects of any other kind of photography, food should also be well-lit. If you opt to take food photographs during late lunch, there will be more natural light in the restaurant and there will likely be less patrons around. This way, your food photographs will not turn out dark and have an orange-like shade, which is a result of artificial light.

Adequate natural lighting can dramatically and drastically improve any photograph, including those of food. It is even better if you can manage to take most of your food photographs while seated at a table beside a window since there will be copious amounts of natural light coming in. The food you photograph will look more natural and the shadows will be cut out.

Use A DSLR Or Even A GoPro

While there should be no need to state this, you should primarily always use a compact DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera to take your food photographs. These cameras can prove to be quite useful since you will have a fair amount of control over the camera’s exposure and ISO. You will also be able to adjust the camera’s Aperture and Shutter Speed settings.

With a DSLR, you can even take the food photos in RAW format, so you will be able to adjust the color balance during postprocessing more easily, without damaging your photos. This may sound a bit unconventional, but you may even use a wearable GoPro camera to not only take food photos but even shoot videos of you enjoying your meals.

Sure, GoPro cameras are not exactly cost-effective, but neither are DSLRs. Nonetheless, you need not worry about avoiding Go Pro’s price tag, because you can use a GoPro for other purposes too, and their photo/video quality is still quite outstanding for the price.

Take Your Photos Closer To The Food

Many food photographers make the mistake of taking a majority of their food photograph from directly above the food, looking down at it. While some food photographs taken this way may look great, most of them will not. To take the best food photographs, do not hesitate from getting close to the food and taking your photos from the plate level or just a bit above it.


Last but not least, a bonus tip that could help improve your food photography is to always post process your photos. Since you are likely not taking your food photographs on film, you cannot take advantage of a dark room, but you can use a software like Adobe Lightroom to enhance your photos during postprocessing. Keep the above basic tips in mind and the readers of your food blog will surely find their mouths watering whenever they come across one of your food photographs.

How to Start an Embroidery Business


The Embroidery Business is one of the creative business ideas running successfully all across the globe that deals with apparel decorating. The Embroidery Business can even start from a small room, later on, help you to run it on a large scale after you taste some success. Starting from basics, Embroidery is all about sewing graphic designs to clothes and wearable items with the help of sewing machine that has multiple bobbins and needles with different thread colors. If you are looking to start your career in Embroidery Business then, there are few important things you need to consider and keep in mind for achieving greater heights in this business. Most of the Embroidery Business starters does not even know where to start from and how they are going to start their dream business and lay it down in reality. Well, you do not have to think again and again as we have come up with complete guidance for running successful Embroidery Business. If you are looking for the perfect embroidery machine for commercial use, you can check out Reviewszy for huge selection.

Learn and get trained in using Embroidery machines

You need to gain complete knowledge about embroidery market that how it runs and operates. Be in touch with embroidery professional to learn new and the latest design in embroidery market. Most important, you need to learn how embroidery machines work and how you are going to put that machine for your small or large scale production. There are a lot of online videos and references that can help you understand better about this industry.

Pen down business and marketing plans

For starting Embroidery Business, you should first write down business and marketing plans on how you are going to start this business which requires some investment from time to time. You should be able to target potential customers, who can be your permanent customer and give a huge order. Advertise your business among the commercial customers in the potential market of embroidery. Get in touch with some private buyers by inviting them to look at the quality of clothes and designs you are producing.

Find out the suitable location to work and sell

Most of the startup Embroidery business starts from home. You’re working location should be spacious enough to hold all your equipment including embroidery machine, computer, and supplies. Make sufficient space for the customers to come and visit you store. You should make sure that your working and selling area attracts the customer, as it can be the most deciding factor which upholds your reputation in compare to other competitors.

Purchase an embroidery machine

You should always be production oriented as you need to complete your order to meet the potential customer’s demand. While choosing an embroidery machine, you have to think about the production level or goals which you are going to handle. A lot of embroidery machines requires computer connection that has software which helps you in creating designs digitally and save your time. Always prefer buying quality embroidery machines that have a warranty and good support. Get well trained with the software as initially it can be quite difficult to master the software.

Acquire the license you need for you startup business

You need to register your new startup company with the local government. IRS is the place where you need to file registry of your company. Soon you will be the licensed manufacturer.

Consult lawyer, business advisor or an accountant to deal with or to understand the financial things like taxes, account, and insurance to cover your valuable property including goods.

You need to hire few employees and someone who can take care of accounting

Depending upon your business scale, order demands and the level of work required, hire employees who can finish up the work on time. Hire an assistant, who can handle your accounting, customer service, and other paper works.

Advertise your Embroidery business

The best way to advertise your embroidery business is to publish a visual writing or an article in local newspaper. Spread the news that you are going to start an embroidery business among your friends and other professional embroiderers.

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Ultimate Guide to Make Your Restaurant Rank on Top

Quality, Quantity and Recency, these are the three things your restaurant’s reviews should focus if you want your restaurant to truly rank and get popular. Ranking isn’t just about how awesome your restaurant is, it’s also a way to bring more customers (and even investors) in your dining business. And if you want your ranking to improve, you should also make sure that you follow these things to get more positive and constant reviews:

Provide Truly Exceptional Services

Commonly in traveling/restaurant reviews, it’s not the luxurious gestures that reviewers mention, but it’s always the minute details, unpredicted shockers, and the noteworthy assistance of your restaurant’s staff. If your service is genuinely and utterly amazing, it’ll be impossible that people dining in your restaurant will not mention it in the review.

The Food Shouldn’t Just Be “Ok”, It Should Be “WOW”

When you open your restaurant, you shouldn’t just aim to provide food to make up for the hungry stomach, but you should also need to please the taste buds of your dining customers. To have an amazing food, you should have a chef that you can really trust to serve the best tasting food. He or she shouldn’t just be able to serve delicious dishes, but he or she should also know how to work with a team, prepare food in a restricted time but still with consistent quality. For your restaurant’s food, invest in the best and fresh ingredients, to ensure the food’s quality. How the food is served or plated is also important. It’s a chance for your dining customers to take photos of your food and share it with their friends, encouraging more customers to come in your restaurant.

And if your food doesn’t taste good and doesn’t look delicious, obviously you’ll get bad reviews, and people will be discouraged to enter your restaurant.

Your Location Should Be Convenient

You don’t want to get into a criminal-rich street to get to a restaurant do you? Obviously, you’d want a place where you can easily go to after work, meetings, events and etc. Your restaurant’s name should also be seen in a busy street, where people often pass by and may be even consider eating in your restaurant. Although, you should also provide a parking space for dining customers who have vehicles. If they don’t find any parking space near you, obviously they’ll just find one they can park the nearest to.

Offer them incentives to leave a Review for Your Restaurant

One of the many ways to improve the overall ranking of your restaurant, is to get good reviews on websites like TripAdvisor.com. If you’re struggling to get these kind of online feedbacks, you should offer them incentives before leaving your restaurant. It can be a small discount or a free bottle of wine. You can also get creative and do it in your own unique style.

By doing this, you’re building a road for regular reviews. One review can change your ranking to a whole new level. The aim is to get as much as reviews you can get.

7 Things That a Waiter Should Know

If you’re a new waitress/waiter, you might be a newbie of things experienced individuals in this industry already know. But before you make any mistakes or regrets, here are 7 things that you should know before serving tables.

You can earn six figures

Although salaries are comparatively, the average waiter can serve a total of twenty tables while in a busy shift. This means that you can collect hundreds of dollars in cash tips alone, even after bartenders and kitchen staff are given their part of the money. The payment varies for each waiter. But, in New York alone, there are waiters who earn more than $100,000 annually working at a high-end restaurant.

Customers will wreck their own food to earn a free meal

There are definitely customers who usually wreck their own food so that they don’t have to pay for it. And what’s worse, they’ll come back to the same restaurant and do it again, until you already say that it’s enough. A strand of hair getting in your food can happen sometimes, but not a lot. However, when the customer says that they found hair in the middle of their burger, it’s suspicious enough if the patties are already formed. But obviously, you won’t be able to accuse them of lying, so you’ll just have to apologize and compensate their meal.

If you’re a newbie, staff members will be hard on you

Since you’ll be part of an industry where your coworkers depend on tips as their main income, other old waiters and waitresses will be hard on you if you make any mistake at their table or if you’re way in their objective of getting a nice tip. You’ll probably receive snide comments from them or get brushed off, so you have to prepare for that. If you do something wrong, you won’t be able to escape the wrath of your coworker and it will not be the nicest way. Therefore, if you’re still starting, make sure you have a thick hide and a habit of learning from your mistakes.

Teamwork is more important than you think

Being a waiter, it isn’t just about competing with your coworkers of who gets the biggest tips or the most tables at the end of the day. When you become a waitress, you’ll have to know how to read your coworker’s expressions, and you can tell when something is bothering them or if you need to ask them to do something. This is great especially if you’re far away from each other, and shouting isn’t an option. One look of the drinks sitting on the bar, the other waiter/waitress already knows that it needs to be served.

Customers have the habit of dining and dashing

Your customer might tell you that he/she will pay half-card and half-cash for the meal. You didn’t know that once you left your eye on them to bill the card, the customer already left with you having the responsibility to pay for the half of their meal. You should avoid this by keeping an eye on this particular customer.

Customers will judge the way you look

It may not affect the service you give them, but it does affect the tip you receive in the end. Therefore, dress appropriately while working, they tend to judge a book by its cover.

Big tips are rare, but they still happen

Sometimes you feel like the tips you receive are not enough, but there will be a time where you’ll receive a big tip.