7 Ways to Prepare Mouthwatering Meats in Your Kitchen

Meat is among the most delicious foods in existence.

Although it’s associated with various health conditions, you can consume it once in a while. You can also prepare it the healthy way without adding extra calories to your diet.

With many methods for cooking meat, you can either prepare it on dry heat or moist heat. The use of a food thermometer enables you to monitor the temperature at which your meat cooks.

Well-cooked meat is prepared under controlled temperature.


Tender meat does not need extremely high temperatures to cook. Prepare your meat well to ensure it gives a satisfactory flavor and taste.

Here’re seven ways you can prepare mouthwatering meats in your kitchen:

  • Grilling
  • Roasting
  • Cooking meat in liquid
  • Deep frying
  • Pan-frying
  • Broiling
  • Braising meat

7 Cooking Techniques for Preparing Delicious Meats Dishes

1. Grilling

The origin of grilling dates back to the 17th century in the Caribbean and South America. The Caribbean people dried their meats over smoke from hot coals arranged in wood frames to cook them.

Grilling meat takes place on a rack placed over burning coals, on ceramic briquettes, or on an open fire that’s placed in a strategic place.

Grilling was mostly done outside, but with the advancement in technology, smaller and portable grilling appliances have been made available. The grills can be used in the kitchen because they have range tops.

The most commonly used source of energy in grills is the standard charcoal briquettes.

There are also grills that use electricity and gas. Good grills are made to spread the heat evenly, leading to an effectively cooked and well-cooked meal.

Using some types of woods such as cherry and maple produce smokes that give the grilled meats added flavor. The best pellet smokers use compact pellets to barbecue meats to mouthwatering tastes.

2. Roasting

Roasting is a dry heat method. It is suitable for preparing tender meat. If you want to roast tough meat, you should first marinate it. It is convenient for cooking large cuts of meat.

To roast, you need to place the piece of meat over a fire. The heat from the fire directly burns the meat, and it cooks with its liquid. Roasted meat is tasty.

3. Cooking meat in liquid

This method can be done through stewing, simmering, or poaching meat. Cover tough meat with some liquid and let it simmer for a while until it becomes tender.

Check the cooking temperature of your meat regularly to ensure that high temperature is not reached.

High temperatures lead to boiling, which can make the protein in the meat to toughen up, making it harder to chew and even less enjoyable to eat.

4. Deep frying

To deep-fry meat, you need to immerse it in boiling oil. Only tender meat can be cooked using this method. The piece is immersed and coated with cornflour, butter, or eggs to add to the taste and flavor of the meat.

Deep-fried meat is delicious, and most people without health issues related to too much fat consumption like it. Even so, don’t eat meat cooked this way daily.

5. Pan-frying

The difference between pan frying and deep frying is that deep-frying requires a large amount of oil for the piece of meat to be fully immersed.

Pan-frying, however, only requires a small amount of cooking oil that’s added during cooking.

This method is suitable for meats that are not thick and easy to cook.

6. Broiling

Broiling also requires tender meat. When broiling your meat, please ensure that your meat is about a three-quarter inch thick for satisfactory cooking.

If you’re cooking ham, then it needs to be about half an inch thick. Like roasting and other dry heat cooking, when dealing with less tender meat, consider marinating it first before you begin cooking.

The reason why a specific amount of thickness must be ensured is that when broiling thick pieces of meat, the outside overcooks, yet the heat hasn’t yet reached the middle parts. This leaves you with half-cooked meat.

7. Braising meat

Some of the most renowned braised meat meals are Swiss steak and Pot roast. Braising of meat can be done in cooking bags that are specifically made to be used in ovens.

The advantage of using cooing bags is that they reduce the time that braised meat takes to prepare.

The cooking bags also create an atmosphere where water dripping from the meat is contained and used to cook the meat. Therefore, there’s no need to use additional water.


The method used to prepare meat depends on the tenderness of the raw meat and the quality that you, the cook, want to achieve after cooking.

Other things that determine the methods to be used for cooking your meat include the amount of time and cooking equipment available.

Tender meats take lesser time to prepare, and they can be cooked on dry heat. On the other hand, tough meats may require preparation on moist heat to soften the hard tissues.

Choose the right cooking techniques for your meats to enjoy eating!