About us

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About The Founder

Jessica A. Donovan

Jessica A. Donovan is the founder of Granny’s Closet. She’s an avid cook and professional chef. With her passion and love for cooking American Italian foods, Donovan has worked in various top hotels and restaurants over the years.

She began her career as a waitress and with trainings and further education, Donovan climbed the career ladder. She’s gained massive hands-on experience and today runs a successful local eatery that’s increasingly growing in popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Donovan was inspired to begin this blog to share her cooking knowledge and experiences. With a focus on American Italian dishes, she aims to make this a staple food for most American families if not households worldwide.


The mission of Granny’s Closet is to share top recipes and cooking secrets with interested persons. We seek to empower individuals, groups and families to be able to prepare tasty Italian dishes from the comfort of their homes.


Our goal is to become a leading online portal for recipes, tips and all the information you may need about American Italian dishes and how to prepare them.