Ultimate Guide to Make Your Restaurant Rank on Top

Quality, Quantity and Recency, these are the three things your restaurant’s reviews should focus if you want your restaurant to truly rank and get popular. Ranking isn’t just about how awesome your restaurant is, it’s also a way to bring more customers (and even investors) in your dining business. And if you want your ranking to improve, you should also make sure that you follow these things to get more positive and constant reviews:

Provide Truly Exceptional Services

Commonly in traveling/restaurant reviews, it’s not the luxurious gestures that reviewers mention, but it’s always the minute details, unpredicted shockers, and the noteworthy assistance of your restaurant’s staff. If your service is genuinely and utterly amazing, it’ll be impossible that people dining in your restaurant will not mention it in the review.

The Food Shouldn’t Just Be “Ok”, It Should Be “WOW”

When you open your restaurant, you shouldn’t just aim to provide food to make up for the hungry stomach, but you should also need to please the taste buds of your dining customers. To have an amazing food, you should have a chef that you can really trust to serve the best tasting food. He or she shouldn’t just be able to serve delicious dishes, but he or she should also know how to work with a team, prepare food in a restricted time but still with consistent quality. For your restaurant’s food, invest in the best and fresh ingredients, to ensure the food’s quality. How the food is served or plated is also important. It’s a chance for your dining customers to take photos of your food and share it with their friends, encouraging more customers to come in your restaurant.

And if your food doesn’t taste good and doesn’t look delicious, obviously you’ll get bad reviews, and people will be discouraged to enter your restaurant.

Your Location Should Be Convenient

You don’t want to get into a criminal-rich street to get to a restaurant do you? Obviously, you’d want a place where you can easily go to after work, meetings, events and etc. Your restaurant’s name should also be seen in a busy street, where people often pass by and may be even consider eating in your restaurant. Although, you should also provide a parking space for dining customers who have vehicles. If they don’t find any parking space near you, obviously they’ll just find one they can park the nearest to.

Offer them incentives to leave a Review for Your Restaurant

One of the many ways to improve the overall ranking of your restaurant, is to get good reviews on websites like TripAdvisor.com. If you’re struggling to get these kind of online feedbacks, you should offer them incentives before leaving your restaurant. It can be a small discount or a free bottle of wine. You can also get creative and do it in your own unique style.

By doing this, you’re building a road for regular reviews. One review can change your ranking to a whole new level. The aim is to get as much as reviews you can get.