Why guns are not allowed in a restaurant

Texas, a state in the United States is one country that outlaws the use of guns in eateries and bars. There are various reactions for it and against the law. From a broader perspective, the law protects citizens and customers who visit the restaurant. The rule is a safety and protection measure for all individuals visiting the place to enjoy their meals. Let us look at the reasons why the absence of firearms is of benefit.

 Limited capacity

Some restaurants do not have a large seating capacity, when you have a G3 type of gun which is bulky and cumbersome when one wants to enjoy their meal, they are forced to place them on the chair preventing other customers from using the space.

 Wrong hands

You are out there enjoying the nightlife. You have taken your meal and you drink yourself silly to an extent you do not even know the road to your home. How safe is your gun? Is it inside a safe?  (http://www.minutemanreview.com/best-gun-safe-reviews) That is the moment your gun lands in wrong hands even underage individuals and cause destruction. Furthermore, a wrong user who may lack an idea of how the gun is used, in the process of doing an experiment with the gun, he may hurt himself and shoot unceremoniously causing a threat to other revelers.

 Security threat

When you are having a great time in the restaurant taking your favorite bottle of alcohol or your glass of wine or enjoying some grilled meals; all of a sudden you see someone with a gun at the chest and in civilian clothing, you are so sure this is not a police officer. The first thing that comes to your mind is probably you are under attack. Unconsciously, you start shouting and screaming, in response, other revelers will scramble for the route to the door to get out of the restaurant. This can cause a stampede and other serious injuries.

 Scare to customers

The sight of a gun in an area where there is no open policy on handling guns in public can frighten guests specially if scoped it with my AR 15. When someone has a gun in the restaurant, it causes a scare to guests and visitors. That simple experience has a negative effect on business growth because anyone with that first-hand information will avoid visiting the restaurant.

 Prone to misuse

In informal setups like restaurants and bars, once they have drunk alcohol, the brain cells are stimulated to produce more energy and become violent with a slight provocation. What happens when you are annoyed and you have a gun within your reach? Automatically, you will pull it out in protest and as a protective measure. You never know the effect of this.54f961fa5d1e7_-_guns-restaurant-lgn

 In case of theft

Normally a gun acts as a protective measure. When you are under attack in the restaurant, in case the attackers finds out there is a gun, automatically there will be a fierce exchange compared with when everyone complies; they will steal and just leave revelers in peace.

Restricting guns in a restaurant has more benefits to the citizens than just being a measure of protection.